Having Wooden Floors in your house usually means less effort in terms of both care and maintenance. Michael’s Floor Sanding can periodically help to ensure that the floor surface remains level and attractive in appearance.

The benefits of Floor Sanding make the floor appear newer and smoother. As the old layer at the top is sanded and thus brings forth the new layer from below. In addition, the new layer is capable of soaking up stains and looks fresh for a long time, until the procedure needs to be repeated the next time. The Flooring in your house is subject to wear / tear / stains / scuffs & scratches.

All of these impact a floor whether it’s the look and appeal, or even the smooth finish and feel of the wood surface.Along with enhancing the appearance of the floor, sanding would also freshen up the entire room, including lighting and thus ambience.

After Floor Sanding, the floor’s resistance to movement decreases. And as the flooring remains even and leveled, it becomes hard for dust to collect in any portion of the floor. Which means that the floor remains cleaner for a longer time period and less frequent cleaning would be necessary. Performing Floor Sanding also makes it simpler to clean the floor and also improves safety.


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The advantages of Floor Sanding extend to Floor Refinishing.

  • Sanding also enables you to Stain the newly formed top of the floor. The surface can be stained correctly so that it may additional wear and tear.
  • Staining the floors allows for the following benefits in addition to Sanding.
  • Dramatic Appearance: Staining can instantly add an additional element to the current theme of your house or even individual rooms.
  • Different Wood Types: You can use to different stains on you resisting floor to add a touch of oak, cherry, or walnut tone to your existing hardwood floors.
  • Influences Your Immediate Space: Staining is a great way to add Comfort and Warmth to your home.

At Michaels Floor Sanding & Refinishing we have plenty of high quality wood stains to fit your needs.